The perfect Balance Living by the cycle of the vineyard

The perfect Balance Living by the cycle of the vineyard

The birth of a vintage

As wine-growers, our aim is to harvest fine grapes that have drawn a maximum from the terroir of their origins.
We take particular care of our soils, a real cradle for our wines and the source of their character. Only in a healthy, living soil will the vine be able to draw out the secret of the terroir. Thus the growing methods are adapted depending on the characteristics of each plot and the weather of the year.

Natural grassing, planting flower strips, eco-grazing by our sheep, light tilling beneath the vines, together with the regular addition of compost and natural products to stimulate the vine’s defences, are all growing techniques that help us maintain and improve the biological activity of our soils, while guaranteeing the vine always comes first.

Taken from “Au fil de l’eau”, the video saga of the wines of Beaujolais webdoc

“Great wines are born in the vineyard, and so it is essential to have a vine in perfect balance, healthy and alive throughout its growth.” Louis Pasteur

Work in the vineyards with the passing seasons Living with the seasons

The 4 seasons in the Land of the Brouillys,