Living with the seasons Winter

Living with the seasons Winter

When the leaves fall, the vine enters a resting phase. But the soil remains very active and receptive. This is the perfect moment to pay attention to its proper balance by stimulating the biological activity.


Now begins the long dormant period, during which the vines are pruned. The number and position of the buds that are going to remain on the vine must be correctly chosen according to the potential of each plant, its age, and the yield for the next harvest. Each bud will produce a new shoot, which will bear around two bunches of grapes.

Historically, Gamay vines were pruned in low goblet style, but nowadays we are changing them over to Royat Cordon pruning for more precise working. Chardonnay vines are trained in Guyot Poussard, a long style that respects the movement of the sap for a longer life for the plant.

Addition of compost

At the end of the winter, just before life begins again, compost is added in all the plots.

The quality of the compost is carefully adapted according to the terroir.

It supplies organic matter, which helps maintain a good structure, regulates the water supply, stimulates biological activity, and provides the vines with essential nutrients.