A heritage and its treasures

A heritage and its treasures
“Where we live, people ought to be born happier and more joyful than elsewhere, since I believe happiness comes to people who are born where there is good wine.” Leonardo Da Vinci

The Château on Mont Brouilly

At Château Thivin, the oldest wine-growing estate in Mont Brouilly, there reigns a special atmosphere, that of a château on a human scale, with its glazed fish-scale tiles, nestling against the hillside surrounded by vineyards.

This is a place of life, a family home, a place of work and beautiful encounters, where there are always vine-shoots burning in the fireplace and a snack to share to accompany the tasting of the latest vintage or an older one, testament to a wine-grower’s memory.

The château Cellar

The château cellar, the first stones for which were laid in 1383, has seen a constant evolution with each generation and today allows modern gravity vinification, which best respects the quality of the grapes throughout the process.

The successive levels allow us to vinify without using either a must pump or a conveyor.

The vaulted caves in blue stone, their temperature naturally regulated by the ground, are the guarantors of successful maturing and ageing of the wines in casks and then in bottles.

Our Vineyards

Our vineyards are primarily situated around the estate on the steep slopes of Mont Brouilly and on the volcanic terroir of the Côte-de-Brouilly cru, but we also have a few plots around the hills in Brouilly and at Quincié, and some Beaujolais Whites in the magnificent Les Pierres Dorées region.