Insolation Summer

Insolation Summer

The summer work on the foliage is carried out by hand, to optimize insolation and encourage good aeration of the bunches.

Training, tying-up

As early as possible, the young shoots that are still delicate and fragile must be “tied up” to protect them from the wind and train them straight.

Being climbing plants, vines tend to stretch out their shoots, which tangle together and make it hard to pass between the rows.
The vines are tied up by hand, either between stretched wires, or traditionally using willow ties.

Compared to the goblet, where it is necessary to shorten the free-growing shoots, training between steel wires has the advantage of being able to optimize the leaf area, which is the basis of nourishing the grapes.


Vine topping helps the plant concentrate its energy towards the fruit.


Leaf-removal consists in aerating the bunch area and encourages insolation, for higher concentration and better health.


To ensure healthy plants and optimum grape quality, the vines must be protected against vine diseases and pests that are too greedy.

We use natural products that are not very harmful, and to limit interference, we adjust their doses to the strict minimum. We try to stimulate the vines’ natural defences by applying infusions and other plant extracts, and we watch the state of the vineyard carefully so as to apply the treatments in just the right place.