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Guide vert  de la Revue des Vins de France - 2019/09
septembre 2019

Guide vert de la Revue des Vins de France n°2020

20/20 pour Zaccharie 2017 !!

Nous avons la grande joie de vous montrer le carnet des notes du Guide Vert. Nos dernières cuvées ont obtenu d'excellent notes. 
Bettane + Dessauve 2020 - 2019/09
septembre 2019

Bettane + Dessauve 2020 n°2020

Encore des très bonnes notes pour nos cuvées en 2017 dans le nouveau guide
Bettane + Dessauve 2020!
"Clos de Rochebonne" Burgundy Report by Bill Nanson - 2019/07
juillet 2019

"Clos de Rochebonne" Burgundy Report by Bill Nanson

Bill Nanson tells us about his visit of Clos de Rochebonne with Claude Vincent on mai 22th 2019

"Château Thivin’s Clos Rochebonne is a Beaujolais white that I’ve always respected, so it was with some relief that I picked it out blind in my tasting of Beaujolais whites in my March report. So why not make a visit to see what is so special about this place?...."

read more on www.burgundy-report.com
Burgundy Report by Bill Nanson - 2019/06
juin 2019

Burgundy Report by Bill Nanson

Mainly Beaujolais – new names & many magnums

Bien Boire en Beaujolais 2019 afforded me to the opportunity of finding a few (relatively) new names – here are 10 of them. Where possible I mainly tasted their 2017s. The domaines were not all from Beaujolais – truth be told, there’s some very nice Mâconnais domaines too! Plus I had the chance to enjoy a large table of magnums – this time, all from Beaujolais.

2009 Château Thivin, Côte de Brouilly Godefroy
Still full-coloured. Some cushioned floral aspects above, tighter below. Full, lots of weight and energy together, still some astringency – far from ready but full of finishing energy. Excellent…
The Real Review - 2019/06
juin 2019

The Real Review

Some great scores for our wines

Château Thivin Côte de Brouilly Clos Bertrand 2017

Château Thivin Côte de Brouilly Les Sept Vignes 2017

See all the latest scores on the real review web side.

Burgundy Reports -  2017 Beaujolais Blanc - 2019/05
mai 2019

Burgundy Reports - 2017 Beaujolais Blanc

Bill Nanson blind tasted a larg range of Beaujolais Blanc and Beaujolais Villages Blanc of 2017

Our "Clos de Rochebonne" 2017 figures under the most apreciated wines!!

"2017 Château Thivin – Family Geoffray, Beaujolais Clos Rochebonne
A rounded citrus nose, perhaps a touch of oak taking any sharp edges off the shape. Big and fresh in the mouth – an attack on the palate. Palate-staining flavour here – that’s impressive. Good character, great flavour. Excellent – one of the few!"
Beaujolais Aujourd'hui - 2019/05
mai 2019

Beaujolais Aujourd'hui

D'excellentes notes pour nos cuvées du millésime 2017

Zaccharie 2017                       18.5
Godefroy 2017                        17.5
Les Griottes de Brulhié  2017   17
Brouilly "Reverdon" 2017         17
Clos Bertrand 2017                 16.5
La Chapelle 2017                    16.5
Beaujolais tour de force by Julia Harding on JancisRobinson.com - 2019/04
avril 2019

Beaujolais tour de force by Julia Harding on JancisRobinson.com

Visit Beaujolais with Julia Harding MW and follow here through a three day trip, many interesting tastings and conversations with vingnerons.
Read the whole article on Jancis Robinson's web side.

Some briliant tasting notes for our wines

Marguerite 2017 Beaujolais Blanc 16.5+ points
Les Griottes de Brulhié 2016 Côte de Brouilly 17.5 points
Reverdon 2017 Brouilly 17 points
Les Sept Vignes 2017 Côte de Brouilly 17+points
Clos Bertrand 2017 Côte de Brouilly 17 points
Godefroy 2017 Côte de Brouilly 17.5+ points
La Chapelle 2017 Côte de Brouilly 18 points
Cuvée Zacharie 2016 Côte de Brouilly 17.5+ points
Beaujolais Aujourd'hui - 2019/02
février 2019

Beaujolais Aujourd'hui n°21

2011 - Un millésime exceptionnel!

Côte de Brouilly "Cuvée Zaccharie" parmi les Top du millésime 2011
2e ex-aequo avec Le Morgon "Javernière" du domaine Louis-Claude Desvignes

"...un vin raffiné, long, l'archétype des grands Gamays." Gilles Trimaille
The WINEFRONT - 2019/02
février 2019


A fantastic article from wine journalist Mike Bennie about our wines, published on the Australian independent wine review site "The WINEFRONT"

Les Septs Vignes 2017

95 points - So the 2017s are clean and bright, not so ripe, but not so lean or perfumed, somewhere in the middle. Wonderful wines. The 15s and 16s can wait.

Dark cherry, touches of game meat, char and toast notes but subtle, whiffs of sweet fruit but the sense is more about savouriness, per se. Succulent in palate, very soft but shape-giving tannins, cranberry lift and pomegranate sour-sweetness. Such a delight. So clean too. So fresh as well. Wonderful.

La Chapelle 2017

94 points - I’m all about 2017 Beaujolais. THE vintage of the ‘teens. Perhaps.

Sour cherry scents, whiffs of cranberry, blackcurrant jubes, salted liquorice, green herbs. The palate is clean and clear, faintly spicy, drives to a gently building pucker, lingers with spice and cherry fruits. Great length, vitality, general sense of purity and drive. It’s a stellar wine here.

Vignes d’Ecussol 2016

91 points – First label with a different label for Chateau Thivin, and with a screwcap!

Spicy scents, red cherry, whiff of tomato leaf, cherry cola. An inviting start. Juicy and gently sweet to taste yet inherently refreshing, vibrant and generally just joyous. Has a cool finish, a touch minty, lovely and gentle. Drinkability is righteous.