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UTOPIA, French wine, Château Thivin UTOPIA, French wine, Château Thivin
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Grape varieties

A blend of Piwi Prior (40%), Chambourcin (40%), Pinotin (10%), and Souvignier Gris (10%) grape varieties


This little garden of vines lies in an east-facing combe on Mont Brouilly, on a clayey/silty terroir coming from a volcanic rock, high in ferromagnesian minerals, the famous “blue stone”. The vines are planted in little terraces, which makes the manual work easier and helps to combat erosion.


On this little terraced plot, we grow a selection of Piwi grape varieties. These are vines that are naturally resistant to the principal vine diseases (mildew and oidium). So these vines don’t need to be systematically protected against diseases, like the classic grape varieties.
The Utopia of genuinely environmentally-friendly wine-growing becomes a reality!

More details: www.piwi-international.de    www.piwifrance.com

On the slopes between the terraces, a multitude of flowers, herbs, and wild berries keep the vines company, to the delight of the insects, birds, and other little hungry creatures.


Whole bunches macerated in casks for 7 days, manual pressing and maturing in barrels for 9 months


Un vin d'un rouge très profond avec des nuances violacées. Un nez de fruits noirs myrtilles, mures, cassis et une pointe poivrée. Une bouche épicée et juteuse avec des tanins satinés et une finale succulente.
A servir entre 14-17 °C

Serve with wine

Cuisine epicée du monde (asiatique, antillaise, africaine, orientale...), grillades, pâtes

French wine «UTOPIA» Ratings and awards

Internetional Piwi Wine Award


Internetional Piwi Wine Award


Internetional Piwi Wine Award

Top Gold (grand or) 98/100