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Rosé de Thivin, Beaujolais-Villages Rosé, Château Thivin Rosé de Thivin, Beaujolais-Villages Rosé, Château Thivin
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Grape varieties

Old white-juiced Gamay Noir vines, average age 50 years


Our 1 ha plot of Rosé lies in the beautiful Chervès valley, on sandy, well-drained soil with pink granite as the parent rock.


Vines planted at a high density of 9–10,000 vines/ha, pruned into low goblets, traditional in crus,
Grassed and flower strips.


Hand-picking This Gamay noir rosé comes from direct pressing after a few hours’ maceration so that the juice takes on a slight coloration; it is then vinified like a white wine in stainless vats and at low temperature.


Delicate aromas of fresh fruits and slight acidity make this a harmonious, delicate wine for the Summer which will go wonderfully well with mixed salads and grilled meats to enjoy a good time in the shade of a gazebo with a few olives.